Competitive Team Gymnastics

  • Community Education gymnastics teams families,

    Thank you for your patience over the past year as we have worked to respond to the restrictions of the pandemic as a component of a large school district. This email is to provide you with details about our plans for moving forward with getting team gymnastics back into the gym starting in June.

     In Community Education, we have made a number of challenging decisions over the past year. In doing so, our focus has been on commitment to community, commitment to staff and sustainability of programs into the future. For Summer 2021, we are prioritizing our advanced gymnasts while also offering several classes for other levels of gymnasts.

     We know that team identity is an important factor for athletes. We also know that it feels like each week there is a new change that we are all working to manage. Beginning in Summer 2021, we will move to one competitive gymnastics team, led by coaches from both program sites. The decision to move to one gymnastics team in Community Education allows us to support the very best program for your children.

     This is what Community Education team gymnastics will look like in Summer 2021:

    • Safe gymnast to instructor ratios
    • Covid-safe capacities in the gym
    • There will be one Community Education gymnastics team
    • Practices will be held at Central Senior this summer
    • Team classes will be held Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10 am - 2 pm or Tuesday and Thursday afternoons form 3:30 - 6:30 pm
    • Team will be broken into 4 levels. Each level will practice at a different time. Contact your coach for which team class is right for you
    • Registration begins April 15. 
    • Gymnasts that participate this summer will have the opportunity to work together on a new team name and team colors. 

     Plan for moving into Fall 2021:

    • There will continue to be one Community Education gymnastics team moving forward. We will continue to work with all of our talented coaches to build a strong and collaborative team.
    • If sustainable, practices will be split across the Highland and Central sites
    • If safe, we will increase the number of gymnastics classes for other levels
    • We are excited to work with them this summer to build a team identity to take us into the future.

    Gymnastics Team Vision


    St. Paul Public Schools Community Education offers Pre-Team and Team Gymnastics designed to prepare focused gymnasts to compete at the high school level.  Youth and families interested in team gymnastics must first start in gymnastics classes and receive coach approval to join teams.


    Competitive Team Participant Expectations

    SPPS-CE Gymnastics Pre-Team Participant Expectations

    SPPS-CE Gymnastics Team Participant Expectations



    Team and Meet Calendar 


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