FOR STAFF: Parking and Towing Authorization Procedure

  • Through both on-demand and proactive parking lot monitoring our goal is to ensure safe and efficient access to our sites for staff, students, and community alike.

    During the snow-clearing season of November 1 through April 1, staff, students, and the community are reminded that no overnight parking is allowed at any SPPS site (except the District Service Facility at 1930 Como and 360 Colborne).  Please note that signs provided by Absolute Towing (651-337-2149) are installed by all entrances at District lots.

    All lots will be monitored by Absolute Towing from 11 pm to 5:30 am from November 1 until April 1 each year, with the exception of 360 Colborne and 1930 Como. Towing during other months to remove unwanted or abandoned cars is at the control of each building administrator and the Facilities Department.

    Any vehicle left overnight will be towed at the owner's expense. If you need to park overnight at an SPPS site, you must inform the building clerk or call Absolute Towing at 651-337-2149 to ensure your car is not towed, though you may be plowed in if there is a snow event. With this proper notification made to the clerk or building administrator they will inform Absolute Towing using the Parking Authorization Form.  If an unauthorized vehicle is parked in an SPPS lot during business hours or while snow plowing is in effect, Absolute Towing will be notified to remove the vehicle using the Towing Authorization Form.

    At their discretion, building administrators may use this language to post a warning sign (Word document) to issue a warning to parking violators.

    If you have any questions please contact the Facilities Department at 651-744-1800 or

Parking and Towing Authorization Forms

Towing Warning Signs

  • Schools and other sites may use the below sign to post on vehicles in their parking lots, on their school website, or at their building to warn staff and community members of the district's towing policy; download the Vehicle Parking Warning Sign (Translations- Word doc).

    The warning reads as follows:"Vehicles parked without authorization may be towed at owner's expense. Please see the school clerk or remove your vehicle."