• Welcome to the self-guided training for ADA Compliance. This training session will explain “hover captions” for images — why they are important, and how something known as “Alt tags” serve as captions for disabled readers.

    Hover captions over an image when a user hovers their mouse over an image on our site, or highlights an image using a screen reader.

    The hover caption provides a detailed description of the image for a sight-impared reader who may not be able to see all the details in the image for whatever reason.

    ADA compliance requires that these hover captions provide descriptive, concise explanations of the picture.

    While the SPPS website manager tool does force the editor to input a descriptive “alt tag” caption — site editors often may not provide enough detail in the “alt tag” to meet this compliance requirement. For example, many will ADA complaints find sites with images that just label the image by the document name, or something like “picture.”

    However, it is up to each editor who uploads a photo to avoid using generic terms like “picture” or “image” to describe images; instead, provide descriptions such as “children in first-grade classroom” etc.

    Click the video above to view how to create alt tags on your images in the website manager, or see below for instructions how this can be done in the website manager tool: