SPPS Assistive Technology Newsletter: Tech Talk

  • Assisitive Technology is any item, piece of equipment, or product system, that helps a child become more capable. Technology can help children who have disabilities do things that others can do without technology. Assistive technology can be anything from a pencil grip to a computer system. Assistive technology can help children be more independent, more productive and have a better quality of life.


    Link: Assistive Technology Can Help Your Child In Class and at Home

    Includes: Reading, Writing, Math, Organization & Studying, Communication, Hearing, Vision & Physical Aids, Aids to Daily Living and the SETT framework.


    Link: AT for Recreation/Leisure

    Includes: Access to recreation/leisure activities, Equipment examples for recreation/ leisure activities, Remove barriers with AT, Parent questions, Media/App review and Resources


    Link: Literacy and Assistive Technology

    Inlcudes: Reading supports, Writing supports, Parent questions and Common myths about AT and Literacy


    Link: Math Challenges and Your Chld

    Includes: Visual processing, Physical access, Memorization for Math facts, Math literacy, Reading and Writing Math language, Parent questions, Software supports and Apps.


    Link: Writing Challenges and Your Child

    Includes:The writing process, Writing tasks in school, At & writing, Parent questions and Apps.


    Link: AT Support for Deaf/Hard of Hearing

    Includes: Communication methods, Conveying information visually, Enhancing Auditory Information UDL Solutions, Parent questions, Captioning and Resources 


    Link: At and Transiton to a Workplace

    Includes: Laws regarding Postsecondary Transition, Doucmentation requirements, AT in the workplace, Parent questions, Workplace iPad supports & Apps, and Resources.