This 5th Grade Life Season 3
  • Episode 1: Scared and Surprised

    by Maddy Length: 3:36

    Have you ever had a wild animal come in your house? How about for three weeks? What if nobody noticed?  Well, you've never had an animal like this one! Maddy tells us the story of the animal that came to live with her mom's family back when she was a little girl. 

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  • Episode 2: A Story of Cancer

    by Azaria Length: 7:09

    Azaria tells us the heartbreaking story of her older sister who died of cancer and the children's hospice center that was inspired by her death. 

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  • Episode 3: Grey Cat and the Three Bears

    by Matilda Length: 7:42

    When Matilda's dad was young he went to work in Alaska.  He ended up in a camper with a cute kitten when one day a family of bears came to visit. 

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  • Episode 4: Ridin' the Rails

    by Isaac Length: 5:43

    Isaac tells us the story of his grandfathers time jumping trains back in the '60s.  Adventures were had!

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  • Episode 5: Dog Savior

    by Meara Length: 3:38

    Meara tells us the story of the hiking trip that went seriously awry and the dog that helped save them.

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  • Episode 6: Poured the Water

    by Kathryn Length: 3:49

    Kathryn tells us about when her grandfather was fixing the sink and did something not so smart. 

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  • Episode 7: Chickens and Helicopters

    by Robbie Length: 2:15

    When Robbie's grandpa was young he was in the army.  One of the rituals he needed to complete in order to get to his promotion ceremony involved a chicken.  Accidents ensue.

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  • Episode 8: The Tree

    by Rhoda Length: 3:27

    Rhoda's parents once went on a trip to go camping in a camp ground, but a strom was coming...

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  • Episode 9: Bears on the Brain

    by Greta Length: 5:43

    When Greta's dad was young he went to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for a camping trip his friends. As they were going they saw some bears by the side of the lake.  Then they made a series of bad decsions. 

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  • Episode 10: My Life with Food Allergies

    by Luke H Length: 7:47

    Luke H talks to his parents about his food allergies and how they have affected his family.

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  • Episode 11: A New Normal

    by Isabelle Length: 12:37

    In January 2018, Isabelle's aunt was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  This devastating diagnosis has been hard on everyone.  Isabelle tells us the story.

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  • Episode 12: The Catch

    by Maria Length: 5:43

    Maria tells the story of the time that her brother caught a foul ball during an MLB game.  While that's pretty amazing, it's the way he caught it that makes it even more amazing!

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  • Episode 13: Cold Waters

    by Ben Length: 3:17

    As a young man, Ben's dad was driving along when he was nearly run off the road by a reckless driver.  Then things get really dangerous.

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  • Episode 14: All Around America

    by Savanna Length: 9:18

    Savanna's dad is a truck driver who travels all across the country.  She tells us about what that is like and some of his most interesting stories.

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  • Episode 15: Escaping Two Wars

    by Luke L Length: 12:06

    Luke L's grandfather was recuirted by the CIA and fought as a soldier in the USA's Secret War in Laos.  This war was a side conflict to the Vietnam War and is rarely talked about.  Beause he and many other Hmong sided with the US, they had to flee their homes when the war ended or face persecution and death.  He fled with his family, including Luke's mom who was 3 at the time.  This is their story.

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  • Episode 16: Grandpa's Life

    by Harrison Length: 8:17

    Harrison explains the details of his Grandpa's life groing up on a farm. 

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  • Episode 17: Moving to Minnesota

    by Evan Length: 4:59

    Evan helps his aunt tell about how they all moved from California to Minnesota.

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  • Episode 18: Escape from War

    by Ayub Length: 4:20

    Ayub tells the story of his mom's escape from war torn Somalia to Kenya then on to Minnesota. A scary story of war adn finding a better life in a new world. 

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  • Episode 19: He Loves Me Not

    by Elsa Length: 9:01

    Elsa tells the story of how her mom and step-dad met, fell in love, then split up.  Do tehy get back together again? Listen to find out.

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  • Episode 20: Grandpa's Death

    by Rania Length: 3:40

    Rania recently lost her grandfather who lived in Morrocco. She tells the story and how it is affecting her family.

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  • Episode 21: Hitler Chicken

    by Lio Length: 12:02

    Lio tells the story of his impressionable 5 year old dad who went to a birthday party and came home with something unexpected. It's what happens to the gift that makes this story interesting, however.

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  • Episode 22: Grizzly Bear

    by Serenity Length: 1:47

    No, this one isn't actually about a bear, but rather a well loved family cat and how he ended up with them. 

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  • Episode 23: Adopted

    by Porter Length: 3:06

    Porter's gradmother lived in an orphanage, then was adopted by a family.  This is her story.

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  • Episode 24: All About a Sports Bubble

    by Marianna Length: 6:23

    Marianna tells us the story of her uncle who built a sports bubble at a university in Tennessee.

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  • Episode 25: The Boat

    by Rose Length: 4:53

    Rose tells us about how her mom and sister went on a cruise across that Atlantic. They had good food and met interesting people.

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  • Episode 26: Antarctic Expedition

    by Kincaid Length: 6:22

    For our Season 3 Finale, Kincaid tells us about his Nana and how she was the organizer for an international expedition of explorers who crossed Antarctica on foot.  He tells us all about that and how after the expedition was over, she got to meet 5 different presidents/prime ministers and one foreign minister in the span of one month!

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