Employee Recognition Program: Information and Nomination Form - Facilities Department

  • The Facilities Department's Formal Employee Recognition Program allows employees to nominate fellow employees or teams whose efforts and achievements go "above and beyond" by demonstrating the department's Key Performance Indicators and SPPS Values and by performing significantly beyond what is expected.

    Nominations are reviewed and recipients selected by the Nominations Committee. Recipients are sent to the Facilities Department Leadership Team for final approval.

    Final recipients are selected semi-annually and recognized at a Facilities Department gathering. Formal certificates of recognition and/or a traveling trophy are awarded.


    Key Performance Indicators:

    1. Customer Service: Proactively provide optimal customer service.

    2. Quality Work: Provide quality products and services the first time, every time, and with efficient use of available resources at greatest value.

    3. Financial Stewardship: Relentlessly pursue the optimal use of funds through rigorous examination and reporting ensuring the highest level of accountability to our taxpayers.

    4. Employee Evaluation and Satisfaction: Empowered, capable, motivated, and valued employees working in teams to create superior support through thorough team training and periodic assessment.

    5. Public Perception: Display a positive, confident, competent demeanor when dealing with the general public. Strives to provide efficient use of resources and customer satisfaction while reducing or eliminating conflicts and disputes.

    SPPS Values:

    1. Service Over Self: Measuring success by the success of our students.

    2. Embrace Change: Seeing change as opportunity to learn and grow.

    3. Courage: Doing things right and doing the right thing.

    4. Expect Excellence in All: Having high expectations for self and others that requires the highest quality work.

    5. Love, Learn, Lead: Caring enough to take effective actions and to change outcomes.


    You will be asked to do the following when submitting a nomination:

    1) Explain why you are nominating this person/team;

    2) Provide specific details and/or specific examples illustrating how the nominee/s put forth the extra effort in achieving excellence in the category named.

    Please refrain from simply stating that the individual/team "is good at their job," "provides great service," and/or "goes above and beyond." Instead, use specific details, examples, stories, etc. that demonstrate how their actions have exceeded expectations.



    Lora Boehlke and Bob Broady were co-winners of the 2019 Year-End Facilities Department Employee Recognition Traveling Trophy (COG Award) recognizing their excellent work! The awards were presented to the two winners during the Facilities Department's annual holiday party on December 19, 2019.

    Below are selected statements from the nominations that were submitted for each of these valued employees.

    Lora Boehlke, Program Controls Specialist and acting Facility Planning Manager for the last 7 months, received the Employee Recognition award based on separate nominations submitted by multiple people. One of the nominators said, [Lora] has given us…more information to work from in managing our respective areas than anyone has before, and she has done it simply because she cares and knows we need it. Her contribution to a culture of conflict reduction efforts and facing our problems and limitations head on has been frustrating (ha) and truly necessary and helpful.” Another nominator wrote, “Lora excels at embracing change, not only utilizing it as an opportunity to learn and grow, but an as opportunity to improve upon past practice…. Lora consistently demonstrates courage by doing things right and doing the right thing…. Simply put, if Lora’s asking me for information, I know it’s important. If Lora’s providing me data, I know it’s accurate. If Lora needs my help, she has it”

    Bob Broady, Limited Energy Technician, was nominated by his foreman, who said “Bob always exudes a positive friendly demeanor when dealing with our customers and when working with other Facilities staff. Bob has displayed a superior knowledge and skill set for the multiple systems that he maintains."


The Cog Award

Cog Award
  • The Employee Recognition official “Traveling Trophy”

    The term “Cog” was chosen for this special award because it alludes to “a cog in the wheel." In mechanical equipment, a cog operates when "one of the teeth on a wheel or gear, by engaging other teeth, transmits or receives motion." In the Facilities Department, a "cog" is better defined as, "someone who holds a necessary position in a large organization."

    The Cog Award ("Traveling Trophy") is presented to the current award winner until the next winner is chosen at which time it “travels” onward.


  • (recent winners listed first)

    Lora Boehlke & Bob Broady (2019)
    Grounds & Labor Team (2019)
    Harding Custodial Crew (2018)

    Troy Williams & Bobby Svendsen (2018)
    Matt Babou & Trihn Tranberg (2017)

    Frank Gomez (2016)
    Tony Payton (2015)
    Amy Zierhut (2014)
    Angela Selb-Sack (2013)
    Al Noel (2013)
    Mike Conlin (2012)
    Brian Kobilka & Bob Doane (2011)