SPPS Students Have Impressive Showing at the 2018 National History Day Contest

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    Students in Saint Paul Public Schools had an impressive showing this week at the National History Day Contest at the University of Maryland. 

    More than 500,000 students around the world entered the History Day contest at the local level, with the top entries advancing to state competitions. The top two entries from the state competition in each category were invited to the National History Day Contest June 10-14 in College Park, Maryland. 

    Twelve students from Capitol Hill Magnet School, Highland Park Senior High School, Murray Middle School and Open World Learning Community (OWL) represented SPPS at the National History Day Contest. Three projects were recognized at the Awards Ceremony:
    • Katie Nguyen and Anandita Rajamani from Highland took the Silver Medal for their group website
    • Soren Eversoll from Highland took the Bronze Medal for his individual performance
    • Zoe Campion and Elsa Carlson from OWL won the Outstanding State Entry Award for their group documentary

    Here is a collection of Tweets highlighting SPPS students at the National History Day Contest: