Flexible Spending Overview

  • Flexible Spending is a optional self-funded, pre-tax savings account you can use to pay for your qualifying out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by insurance, and for daycare expenses.  All employees who are eligible for insurance are eligible to participate in either of the flexible spending accounts.  The flexible spending provider is HealthPartners and the plan is the FSA Plan.  In 2021 if you are in a PEIP Medical Plan you are still able to enroll for a Flexible Spending Plan.

    With flexible spending, money is deducted before taxes and then reimbursed to you for your medical or daycare expenses.  So, in effect, the money you pay for medical or daycare expenses is not subject to federal or state income taxes or to social security taxes. Starting in 2020, with a medical flexible spending account you are able to roll over a maximum of $500.00 to the next plan year.

    Dependent care reimbursement or medical expense reimbursement can change each calendar year, please refer to the Flexible Spending Form for maximums per calendar year.  Elections must be re-elected each calendar year during open enrollment.  Open enrollment for this program occurs in the fall each year for the following calendar year (which runs January through December).  

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) you cannot participate in the medical flexible spending account – you would only be able to participate in the dependent care flexible spending account. 

    If you elected the HSA Medical Plan with HealthPartners or the HSA Compatible Medical Plan with PEIP as your insurance coverage but do not have a health savings account attached to it, you are eligible to participate in the flexible spending reimbursement program.

    To be reimbursed from your Flexible Spending Accounts you will need to submit reciepts to HealthPartners.  For further information on how to do so call HealthPartners Customer Service at 952-883-5000.

    If you have additional questions about flexible spending, contact the Benefits Office at 651-767-8200 or email them at benefits@spps.org


         • Link:  Flexible Spending Forms

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