Tastemasters Taste Test - Spring 2018
  • Tastemasters taste tests were  conducted in 7 schools this year: Adams Spanish Immersion, American Indian Magnet, Frost Lake Elementary, Groveland Elementary, L'Etoile du Nord Upper, Phalen Lake Elementary and Jackson Elementary.  Students tasted "Quinoa Tabbouleh", a salad made with quinoa, parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and salt.  In the days prior to the test, students were educated about the new ingredients they would be trying, with in-class mini lessons that offered a hands on experience with these foods to reduce the "fear factor" on sample day.


    Regions -"Quino-tastic Salad"

       The winner! 

        Regions, a student from Frost Lake,
        won an AMC movie theater gift card for
        creatively naming this recipe
        "Quinoa-tastic Salad".         



               A smile and thumbs up from Izzy
               at L'Etoile du Nord.                                                                                                          Izzy Thumbs Up






    Chef Ricardo trained 4th graders from Jackson Elementary
    to help prepare the samples for their friends.                                       

           Chef Ricardo with students   

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    Did students like the recipe?         56%                44%


    This recipe was very polarizing.  Students were torn about whether or not they liked the sour flavor of the lemon juice. There were a few comments about the texture of the quinoa too.  Students either really liked it or really disliked it.  Either way, we were thrilled that there were so many students who were brave enough to try something new!

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  • Mini-Lessons

    Mini-lessons allowed students to touch and smell whole sprigs of parsley, and do an up close observation of quinoa in both the dry and cooked states.  They also looked at a map to see where quinoa was first grown and where tabbouleh originated.

    Spring 2018 Mini-Lessons