Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion Academy at Homecroft School: COMPLETED September 2018

  • Homecroft School underwent remodeling to prepare for the relocation of Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion Academy in fall 2018. 

    The building's main entry was remodeled to both reflect Jie Ming's cultural focus and to ensure current security best practices. Specifically, anyone arriving at the school during the day must enter through the office rather than having direct access to student corridors.

    Classrooms in the 1919, three-story portion of the building will be enlarged by removing walls to add the historic clock closets to the main classroom space. The wood floors are being repaired and refinished. Classrooms will have new doors and corridors will have new lockers.

    The 1950s, single-story area classrooms will have new flooring—a combination of carpet and rubber—and the four kindergarten classrooms will have direct access to new single-user toilets.

    New paint, white boards and upgraded information technology will be added throughout the school.