Homework Policy

  • At Bruce Vento Elementary, we educate every child without exception and without excuse to standard or above in reading, writing, math, and science in preparation for college.

    To support our students’ achievement, we assign homework that extends their learning. We believe the family is the child’s first teacher and value the connection between home and school.

    • Reading

      • Read five days a week minimum
      • Read Just-Right books
      • Each student will create their own reading minutes goal
      • Have a discussion about the reading
      • Use the calendar to record how many minutes were read each night
      • Have a parent or guardian sign the calendar weekly
    • Writing

      • Writing homework is assigned Mondays and Wednesdays
      • Students may use the prompts or freewrite
      • Use the rubric on each page to make sure the writing is high quality
      • There are additional writing resources included
    • Math

      • Teachers will assign math homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays


    Baldwin is ready to learn!