Looking Ahead

  • As we work to enhance personalized learning, we are moving toward an environment where students make more decisions about the pace, place, and path for their learning.

    SPPS students increasingly will:

    • collaborate with educators to create their own learner profile that identifies their strengths, weaknesses, and interests and use it to set their own learning goals
    • have access to resources that support reviewing material or moving ahead according to their individual strengths and skills
    • develop self-direction and self-select learning activities based on their own learning goals and feedback from others
    • choose their own activities and resources that are personally relevant and reflect multiple racial and cultural perspectives
    • have access to project-based learning as a means to address course standards, including the option to design their own projects and learning experiences
    • design their own means for assessing and documenting learning and sharing the results with others
    • design and select physical and virtual environments that best support their way of learning
    • use technology to collaborate, communicate, create, research, and publish.