Talent Development and Acceleration Services (TDAS)

  • TDAS Programs and services include:

    • K-8 advanced learner services
    • Advanced Placement (AP)
    • International Baccalaureate (IB)- Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP)
    • Whole grade and single subject acceleration
    • Support for twice-exceptional learners (a gifted student with a co-occurring disability)
  • Guidelines

    Services for advanced learners include:

    • grouping with other advanced learners for differentiated instruction in math and literacy (e.g., cluster grouping, small group instruction, flexible grouping, etc.)
    • differentiated lessons and assignments that provide greater depth, complexity, intellectual demand, and accelerated pacing
    • a classroom teacher trained in personalized learning to meet the needs of diverse advanced learners

  • Assessment

    TDAS students in SPPS are identified and assessed by:

    • the Cognitive Abilities (CogAT) test or the portfolio process
    • district, local and national assessments

  • Definitions

    Differentiated Instruction:

    • modifies curriculum and instruction according to content, process, and/or product to meet unique student needs in the classroom

    Cluster Grouping:

    • is a research-based process of strategically creating small groups of students with specific talents in an academic area, such as reading or math, in the same classroom
    • can vary in size depending on the number of students in the school, the number of classroom sections per grade level, and the number of identified cluster students at a grade level

     Flexible Grouping:

    • is the process of moving students into and out of groups based on their interest and/or academic needs