Elementary Math

  • Philosophy

    Mathematics Department Vision:  Help SPPS students and staff make sense of mathematics using Task, Questions, and Evidence.

    Mathematics Department Mission:  All SPPS students will develop their skills and abilities in mathematics by experiencing math through tangible and contextual means that deepens their conceptual and procedural understanding of rigorous mathematics standards. They will think and act like mathematicians through problem solving to realize the joy of learning mathematics.

  • Math Teaching Practices

    • Establish mathematics goals to focus on learning.
    • Implement tasks that promote reasoning and problem solving.
    • Use and connect mathematical representations.
    • Facilitate meaningful mathematical discourse.
    • Pose purposeful questions.
    • Build procedural fluency from conceptual understanding.
    • Support productive struggle in learning mathematics.
    • Elicit and use evidence of student learning.
  • Daily instruction

    • Ensure lessons are aligned to the MN Math Standards and follow a gradual release model using the core course materials and sequencing guides.
    • Use academic language to promote students’ verbalizing their mathematical thinking and understanding of the math concepts.
    • Use questioning to promote higher order thinking, such as: probing for understanding, pushing for multiple perspectives and solutions, using wait time effectively, scaffolding and adjusting questions as needed.
    • Discuss learning targets to help students understand the purpose and to focus students on key concepts of the small-group instruction.
    • Instruct at least one flex group each day during Part 2 to meet individual student needs.
  • Math teaching Practices

  • Assessment

    • Re-teach or model, as needed, based on formative assessment
    • Track and analyze Individual student formative and summative assessment data to direct subsequent instruction and determine student proficiency toward a benchmark
    • Use the Data Team process and administer a pre-test at the beginning of each unit aligned to priority benchmark, or administer four benchmark assessments throughout the year
    • Monitor individual and class proficiency with learning targets and progress monitoring tools
    • Include basic facts strategy practice during Part 2 for all students.

  • Variations

    • Balanced Math Program
  • Math 5 Easy Steps

  • key image For Elementary Math Schoology group access, please contact Ishmael Robinson (ishmael.robinson@spps.org)