Secondary (9-12) English Language Arts

  • Philosophy

    “A guaranteed and viable curriculum” 1) gives students access to the same essential learning regardless of who is teaching the class, and 2) can be taught in the time allotted (Marzano, 2003). It does not mean that teachers must adhere to lockstep pacing by which members are teaching from the same page on the same day. It does not mean that all teachers must use the same instructional strategies or same materials. It does mean that during a unit presented within a specific window of time, each member of the team will work to ensure every student acquires the knowledge and skills that have been agreed upon and are most essential for that unit.

    –Richard Dufour, from Learning By Doing

  • Assessments

    • Use pre-assessment to ensure instructional personalization around student strengths, areas for growth, and student needs.
    • Use efficient and timely formative assessments in both task and grading to best inform learning for transferable skills.
    • Assess specific standards/benchmarks or IB objectives/criteria. Approximately 3-5 benchmarks or 1-3 IB objectives/criteria per assessment will ensure focus.
    • Formative assessments should guide instruction, allow for clarity of progress monitoring, and provide ongoing feedback.
    • Use assessments that are as on-demand as possible to allow for students to transfer skills, multiple opportunities for assessment and teacher intervention.
    • Grade on skills in relation to proficiency. Attendance and behavior should not be graded explicitly as an assignment or assessment. The gradebook’s role is to provide feedback for parents/guardians, students, and other teachers in regards to student growth and proficiency on English Language Arts skills.
    • Provide avenues for redos and retakes of summative assessments to ensure equity in regards to providing multiple opportunities to show growth and proficiency.
    • Work consistently to ensure students have learned the material, not simply that teachers have taught it.

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