Dental Insurance Overview

  • Dental Insurance

    Dental insurance coverage is available to benefit-eligible employees based on their collective bargaining agreement.  For participants in a cafeteria plan with flex credits, single dental insurance is a core benefit.  Refer to your respective Benefit Summary by Bargaining Unit for eligibility.

    HealthPartners is the current dental carrier for the District.  Benefit eligible employees can enroll in dental insurance as a new hire, during the annual Active Enrollment period or within 30 days of a qualifying status change.  Coverage levels include single, single plus one and family coverage. 

    Rates below do not include the District Contribution.  Please refer to your respective Benefit Summary by Bargaining Unit.

Dental Plan Summary

Dental Rates - Plan Year 2020

  • Employee Only


    Employee + 1 $113.48
    Family Coverage $113.48

Dental Rates Plan Year 2021

  • Employee Only


    Employee Plus One  TBD
    Family Coverage TBD