Student Technology Use Agreement

  • The iPads are the property of Saint Paul Public Schools. iPads are handed out to students at the beginning of the school year as a loan for use throughout the year. Parents sign a student technology use agreement (right) as part of the annual online back-to-school forms found in SPPS iUpdate.

  • From the Student Technology Use Agreement

    Students understand that use of network resources, District-issued devices, email, and software application accounts is a privilege. Failure to follow this agreement may result in disciplinary actions.


    • I will keep my iPad in the District-issued case and keep it free of stickers or writing.
      • For grades 6-12, I will keep the keyboard attached and case closed when the iPad is not in use.
    • I will leave District labels in place, including the label with my name. 

    • I will protect my iPad using a dry, soft cloth for cleaning, and storing it in places where the temperature isn’t 
too hot or cold.
    • I will keep track of my iPad and not give it to others. 

    • I will make sure my iPad battery is charged. 

    • I will only use the District device operating systems and security profiles. 

    • I will not use technology to gain unauthorized or inappropriate access to District technology resources. 

    • I will follow copyright laws.
    • I will not use District technology to cheat on assignments. 



    • If I can take my iPad home, I will keep my iPad in my school bag or backpack when traveling to and from school, while at the bus stop or train station, or on the Metro Transit bus or light rail train. 

    • I will protect my personal information, including username and passwords. 

    • I will immediately tell a teacher or other adult staff if I receive an electronic communication that makes me 
feel uncomfortable, or if I accidentally access inappropriate materials.



    • I will use school-appropriate language, video, pictures or other digital content on District technology.
    • I will access and share only material that is legal, true, and free of racial-or gender-offensive content.
    • I will not use District technology to bully, harass, harm, or spread lies about others.
    • I will ask permission before taking or sharing photos and video, and will not use my iPad’s camera in private places.



    iPad Tips Applications and Web-Based Services

    Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) uses applications (apps) and web-based services operated by third parties to provide students with access to online communication and collaboration and other instructional tools and materials. The District contracts with specific companies for software that helps manage student information. This information is owned by SPPS and stored/managed within a contracted third party server.

    SPPS uses additional iPad apps and websites to support a variety of instructional goals. Some of these tools require log-ins so that students can return to the same files or resources over time. The personal information collected by these sites is limited to the log-in name and password, and any student work on the site.
    A list of District approved apps and websites and their data privacy policies is available online at personalizedlearning. Questions and concerns about these apps and websites can be sent to: or 651.767.8139.


    Filtering Internet Filtering

    The District provides students with access to educational resources through the internet. The District uses content filtering technology in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). This filtering provides users with safe web browsing while using SPPS devices at school. It also protects SPPS iPads even when they are on non-SPPS networks, such as a home or public WiFi network.

    Outside of school, parents/guardians bear responsibility for providing guidance on internet use, just as they do with other information sources such as television, radio, movies, and other potentially offensive media. Parents/ guardians are responsible for monitoring their child’s use of the internet and access to District technology resources.


    Family Parent and Guardian Rights

    Parents/guardians have the right at any time to review the contents of their child's electronic and e-mail les. Parents/guardians also have the right to request termination of their child's technology and account access. For more information and to get a copy of the PK-12 Technology Opt-Out Form, contact your childʼs school or visit online