Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)

  • Eligibility

    Membership in PERA is mandatory for non-elected public employees who meet position eligibility requirements set by Minnesota statute.



    You and your employer both contribute to PERA on your behalf. In 2017 and 2018 employee contributions are 6.5% of eligible wages and employer contributions are 7.5% of eligible wages.


    Taxes on Your Contributions

    Federal and State income taxes on PERA contributions have been deferred for many years. Thus, most of your PERA benefits (or a refund unless placed in another tax-deferred program) will be taxable when they are received.


    Contact Info

    Mailing Address:  60 Empire Drive #200, St Paul MN 55103-2088

    Phone #: 651-296-7460

    Fax #:  651-297-2547


    Click here for complete copy of the Coordinated Plan Handbook.

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