Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)

  • Eligibility

    Membership in PERA is mandatory for non-elected public employees who meet position eligibility requirements set by Minnesota statute.



    You and your employer both contribute to PERA on your behalf. In 2019 employee contributions are 6.5% of eligible wages and employer contributions are 7.5% of eligible wages.


    Taxes on Your Contributions

    Federal and State income taxes on PERA contributions have been deferred for many years. Thus, most of your PERA benefits (or a refund unless placed in another tax-deferred program) will be taxable when they are received.


    Contact Info

    Mailing Address:  60 Empire Drive #200, St Paul MN 55103-2088

    Phone #: 651-296-7460

    Fax #:  651-297-2547


    Click here for complete copy of the Coordinated Plan Handbook.

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