SPTRFA - St Paul Teachers Retirement Fund Association

  • Eligibility

    Membership is mandatory upon employment in any position with St Paul Public Schools requiring a license issued by the MN Dept of Education.


    You are a Coordinated Plan member if you were first employed or re-employed on or after July 1, 1978 with SPPS.



    As of 7/1/19, Coordinated Plan members contribute 7.5% and SPPS contributes 12.430% of eligible wages.


    Contact Info

    • Mailing Address: 1619 Dayton Av #309, St Paul MN 55104
    • Phone #: 651-642-2550
    • Fax #: 651-642-2553
    • e-mail: info@sptrfa.org


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    Part time teacher offset program application