School Media Permission Forms

  • Every year SPPS requests that each parent or guardian provide consent for the use of their child's name or image for media-related purposes. This form is to be completed by primary households in the Back-to-School iUpdate at The Office of Communications may provide paper forms for certain situations in which a family has not completed iUpdate.

    It is important to have signed permission slips on file for each student because we are often given little turnaround time from the media and other organizations who want to photograph or interview students.

Media Permission Forms in Campus

  • Campus includes a drop-down menu to mark which students have a completed media permission form on file. To manually input this data, refer to these instructions. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Communications at 651-767-8110.

    For technical assistance recording information in Campus, you may call the Help Desk at 651-603-4357, option 2.