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Mrs. Engelking
  • In Elementary Music Class students sing, move, create, perform, compose, collaborate, analyze, write, discuss, stretch, and play as they grow in their artful musicianship.  My goal with all students is to welcome them into the world of musicianship and lead them through fun, creative, exhilarating, intriguing, and disciplined experiences that challenge them to think deeply and musically, to perhaps try new things or think in new ways, and to allow them to explore their own musicianship and the culture of musicianship.


    This year we started using Quaver, an online music curriculum adopted by SPPS.  Many students have already created their own Quaver account, but if you haven't, below are directions for you to get yours set up so you can use it from home!  If you are using your school ipad, after the registration process, select "Without Flash."  If you are using a desk top computer, there are more capabilities, and you should select "With Flash."  Please MAKE SURE you record your Quaver name and password in a place where you can find it again-- somewhere on your school ipad is a good idea!

    How to create a Quaver account:

    -Go to Quavermusic.com

    -Click on the purple rectangle that says “Sign Up” (in the top right corner).

    -Create a Quaver name that includes your first name (so I know who you are) and is at least 6 characters long.

    -Create a password you WILL remember!

    -Record your Quaver name and password somewhere on your school ipad.

    -Use either your school email address or mine:  gina.engelking@spps.org.  This is only used for account retrieval.

    -Enter your specific Class Code.  These are unique to your class this year.  Find it below.

    -Make sure to click the little box next to “Accept.”

    You should be all set! 


    Quaver Class Codes:  You can use your account through August 31.

    5th Grade

    Bickford:  2X6MH

    Greenwalt:  V3RPV

    Mayock:  X4P7S

    Shariff:  8XWAT

    Young:  B8CWF


    4th Grade

    Ballard:  VGSTG

    Downs:  QP55Y

    Larson:  LVR2L

    Moore:  YCUBV

    Running:  XCJBW


    3rd Grade

    Geimer:  UFL4B

    Lang:  4DDRP

    Porter:  GN7TA

    Simmers:  WEFXM

    Thephrsouvanh:  94Q7Y


    2nd Grade

    Blumer:  FBN5W

    Drake:  EV9WH

    Footh:  63KJ2

    Young:  CTSDU


    1st grade

    Brzynski:  9GAQ7

    Locke:  HGX2A

    Starr:  HABJQ

    Swenson:  WM8GE


    In Middle School Music Explorations classes students explore units in music making, composition, improvisation, small ensembles, and responding to music from various genres and cultures.




  • The Singing Space

    Posted by Gina Engelking on 3/16/2020

    During these crazy times, I would like to share with you joyful music making!  Some of my music teacher friends created videos of themselves singing and I wanted to share them with you!  I am working on creating similar videos to share with you soon!


    Ms. Neilsen's Song  This is a funny song from my daughter's French Horn teacher.

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