Comprehensive Support Improvement (CSI)

  • All public high schools with an overall four-year graduation rate below 67% or for any student group OR the lowest 5% of Title I schools based on a three-stage process. Learn more about the identification system.

    1. Benjamin E. Mays IB World School
    2. Central Senior High School
    3. Cherokee Heights Elementary School
    4. Como Park Senior High School
    5. Dayton’s Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary
    6. Eastern Heights Elemenatary School
    7. Frost Lake Elementary School
    8. Gordon Parks High School
    9. Harding Senior High School
    10. Highland Senior High School
    11. Highwood Hills Elementary School
    12. Humboldt Secondary School
    13. John A Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary
    14. Johnson Senior High School
    15. LEAP High School
    16. Maxfield Elementary School
    17. Barack & Michelle Obama Elementary

    Link: Read more information about the Minnesota Department of Education's identification process.