New Accountability System Gives SPPS Tools to Analyze and Enhance Achievement for Students

  • Saint Paul, MN - North Star, the state's new school accountability system, includes indicators for determining student academic progress and achievement. In addition to analyzing Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) test score data, the new system compares a student's academic achievement from one year to the next and considers attendance. It also measures progress toward English language proficiency and evaluates each high schools four-year and seven-year graduation rates.

    "Our strategic plan framework, along with the Minnesota Department of Education's new accountability system, will give us a fresh opportunity to analyze how our students and schools are progressing," said Saint Paul Public Schools Superintendent Joe Gothard. "These process' provide us with a deeper look into the student learning experience and will help target extra resources to our students and schools."

    In February 2018, SPPS began working with MDE on its staged rollout of the North Star system by using the released graduation results. Starting this fall, schools identified through North Star as needing either Comprehensive Support for Improvement (CSI) or Targeted Support for Improvement (TSI) will begin rigorous improvement work.  All schools are required by March 2019 to complete a comprehensive plan for improvement that includes input from teachers, students and parents.

    Superintendent Gothard added, "I am delighted that the North Star system replaces the accountability systems from No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The new model was built with a commitment to equity and will provide opportunities for engagement with all of our stakeholders."  

    In addition to identifying schools for support, North Star also highlights schools for recognition. A summary of schools identified for recognition and support is available here.

    With regard to our 2018 MCA test results, SPPS saw slight increases in reading proficiency and slight declines in math and science proficiency from 2017. A summary of our MCA trends is available here.  

    As in previous years, Individual Student Reports (ISRs) for both MCA/MTAS will be mailed out directly to families.  

    All results will be available Thursday, August 30, after 7 a.m. on the MDE Data Center: