Welcome to Zong Laoshi’s classroom!



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Welcome to Zong Laoshi’s classroom!


Congratulations! You have graduated from kindergarten and officially become a 1stgrade student. This year will be an exciting journey full of exploration and fun! Elementary education has profound influence in a person’s life learning as kids form crucial thinking patterns, learning habits, team working spirit and the sense of achievement of themselves, and the 1stgrade is where you open the door to the brand new world, and we will do the magic together!


Now a little bit about myself. I was born and grew up in Luoyang, Henan Province, China. That is a city used to be the capital of thirteen dynasties through the Chinese history, and Peony is the flower of the city.  I held a bachelor’s degree of Public Administration in China and a master degree of Public Affair from University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. The professional trainings I got there shaped my open and encouraging attitude towards controversial topics, creative thinking, and thinking in a bigger picture. Between 2012 and 2016, I worked in a children’s English school and an international senior high school in China. I love to work with students and participate in their vibrant growth. I came to Jie Ming in 2016, and I fell in love with this excellent school immediately. As the second year of the 1st grade teacher, I am very grateful to work with this wonderful community!

I am very excited to work with you and your kids this year, and looking forward to knowing each of you.  You can email me anytime at xinyue.zong@spps.org, and any comments or concerns would be appreciated. Again, welcome you all on board, the ship starts sailing!


Xinyue (Jessie) Zong /Zong Laoshi


Classroom phone: 651-744-8377



笔画 Strokes:

32 basic strokes in Chinese

Stroke name song


部件组字 Radical

radical 1

radical 2


欢乐伙伴 textbook website

Lesson 1 textbook reading

Lesson 2 textbook reading

Lesson 3 textbook reading

Lesson 4 textbook reading

Lesson 5 textbook reading 

Lesson 6 Textbook Reading

Lesson 7 Textbook reading

Lesson8 Textbook Reading

Lesson9 Textbook Reading

Lesson 11 text reading page 2-3


Lesson 1 我上学了

Lesson 1 这是我的学校(在哪儿,where)

Lesson 2  我家有几口人(是谁?who) 

Lesson 3 今天是我的生日(什么时间:年,月,日,星期 what time:year,month, day, week)

Lesson 4 我喜欢打篮球  quizlet what to do

Lesson 5 现在几点:什么时间?when?

Lesson6 我感冒了 I have a cold (what/how)

Lesson 7 This is my school 这是我的学校

Lesson 8 Do we have the Gym class today? 今天有体育课吗?

Lesson 9 My things are missing. 我的东西不见了

Lesson 10我的课室里有什么 What's in my classroom? 

Lesson 11 我的同学 my classmates

Lesson 12 我爱干净 I love to be clean

Lesson 13 你看见我的袜子了吗? Did you see my socks?

Lesson 14 第十四课 家里这么干净啊 It is so clean at home

Lesson 15 第十五课 你想吃什么? What do you want to eat?

Lesson 16 我最喜欢吃西瓜 I like to eat watermelon most

Lesson 18 到动物园去 Let's go to the zoo!

Lesson 19 There is a park near my house 我家附近有公园


teaching content related songs:

赠刘景文 For Jingwen Liu

回乡偶书 Extemporizations on Going back to the Hometown

山行 walking in the mountain