Teaching Assistant Lane Changes

  • NEW!  Lane change forms and the pre-approval forms are now electronic! 

    You can submit your form, and upload any documents through Employee Self Service.  From the main menu in Self Service, go to "Employee Action Forms" and select the form from the menu.   Step by step instructions on completing an electronic lane change form are linked below.   Please read the Lane Change Instruction document below before calling HR and before submitting a lane change request. 

    TA Lane Change Instructions

    How to submit an e-form for a pre-approval

    How to submit an e-form for a lane change


    Overview of Steps in Requesting a Lane Change:

    Navigating the lane change process can be confusing. Here’s a quick checklist of what needs to be done.  Additional detail about requirements under each step are listed on the lane change instruction document below.

    1. Get pre-approval of the courses (by completing an electronic pre-approval form).
    2. Wait for approval email. Keep a copy of your approval.
    3. Complete course(s).
    4. Complete the electronic lane change request form, and upload transcripts showing credits received.
    5. Review your credit status 2 weeks after sending in your lane change form and transcripts.
    6. Watch for your lane change to show on your paycheck 2 weeks after that.
    Want to know how many college and in-service credits you have on file?  Log in to Employee Self Service to find out:  https://www.spps.org/Page/4148  
    • In-service workshops must be taken UNPAID in order to qualify for a lane change.  Make sure you indicate on your time sheet that the hours are to be UNPAID.  If this is not done and payroll pays you for your time at a workshop/class taken during the normal work day, that pay cannot be reversed, and your time at that workshop will not be counted towards a lane change.
    • You must get PRE-APPROVAL for any external classes/workshops in order for them to qualify for a lane change.
    It is the responsibility of each employee to submit workshop certificates / PDExpress transcripts with the appropriate pre-approvals to Human Resources for lane change.  PDExpress does not report any information to Human Resources.

    If you have any questions about the Lane Change process for Teaching Assistants, please contact Molly Ticknor at (651) 744-5593 or e-mail payroll at payroll@spps.org