Substitute Principal Hiring Process

  • The Human Resources Department has developed a procedure to cover Principal absences for out of District meetings or for absences exceeding more than five consecutive days. The purpose of developing a procedure is to assure both quality and consistency for coverage of absences.

    Effective immediately, please use the following process for securing a substitute Principal in your absence:

    In conjunction with the Office of Leadership Development, a list of acceptable and qualified substitute Principals has been established and will be maintained by the Human Resources Department. Please contact your Human Resource Coordinator, Assistant Superintendent or Office of Leadership Development for a list of approved Substitute Principals that you may choose from.

    Substitute coverage will normally only be provided during student contact time for absences that extend beyond a period of five consecutive days or when the principal is out of the district. For absences of less than five days duration, the Assistant Principal or Teacher in Charge will normally be used to provide coverage. Principals may also designate a Principal from another building to be a point of contact in their absence.

    The responsibilities of substitute principals will relate to the day-to-day management of a building due to the Principal's absence and will not include employee observations and/or evaluations of employee performance as the first required observations.

    The Substitute Principal rates of pay are board approved rates. In no such case can a Substitute Principal be paid a higher rate than the established board approved rates listed below.

    Principal - $320 daily                                      Assistant Principal - $255 daily                                 

    All substitute requests must first be directed to the appropriate Assistant Superintendent. The Assistant Superintendent will then authorize the Human Resources Department to work with you to secure a replacement from the established substitute list.

    Exceptions to this procedure may only be authorized through direct request to your Assistant Superintendent. In unique circumstances, the Assistant Superintendent may authorize substitute coverage for absences of less than five days and/or consider other unique circumstances that need to be addressed at your site.

    If you have questions about this procedure, please contact your Assistant Superintendent.

    Questions on “how to” receive payment for these individuals should be directed to:

    Jayne Meza, HRIS, Compliance, Payroll Manager 651-767-8245