Go Local and Global to Grow you Art!

  • Link to Multiple Resources and Museums: Met Museum has deep contextual information to aid IB research!


    One of Dr. Schultz's favorite museums has a small footprint but great exhibitions: Check out the Guggenheim in Venice!!

    Albers, Color, Photography, and Architecture: (was on exhibit 9/15/2018)

                check out the video, and also this audio clip Albers in his own words: "truthfulness in art"

    1) What is the least known/explored aspect of Alber's art practice?

    2) Describe a time you made "art for art's sake", art just for the sheer fun and pleasure of creating.

    3) How does Albers explain truthfullness in materials?

    Josef Albers in Mexico, www.guggenheim-venice.it/inglese/exhibitions/albers/index.html.

    Variant/Adobe, Orange Front Detail of Stonework