SPPS Ethnic Studies Courses

  • SPPS Social Studies is committed to students having the opportunity to delve deeper into U.S. History, Government and Economics through a specific lens.  All courses are a semester long with four units; Identity, Systems and Power, Resistance and Resilience and Transformation.  Each course focuses on an identity as an American experience.  The course builds on understanding the social construction of race/gender/ability, visibility in American history and current events.  Students can expect to use materials from multiple voices, art, literature and history.  The courses are aligned with MN State Standards for Social Studies, Policy 602.01 Multicultural, intercultural, non-racist, non-sexbiased, gender and disability fair education, Policy 101.00 Racial Equity and Policy 500.00 Gender Inclusion.  Each high school decides individually which courses to offer and staff with a teacher.

    All courses below have a course number, syllabus, course-at-a-glance, unwrapped units and a Schoology group.

    Abilities Studies: Deconstructing Normal

    African American Studies

    Asian American Studies

    Indigenous Studies

    Latinx Studies

    LGBTQ Studies

    Women's Studies

    Hmong Studies - under construction