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Katie Bendickson

Háŋ Mitákuyepi (Hello all my relatives), my English name is Katie Bendickson.  My Dakhóta name is Wóokiye wiŋ.   I am Dakhótaand and am from the Upper Sioux Community.  I work as the Dakhóta Language and Culture Specialist at Saint Paul Public Schools Indian Education Program.  I graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a Bachelor degree in American Indian Studies with a Language Track. I went to high school at Yellow Medicine Sr. High in Granite Falls, MN.  That’s where I started studying the Dakhóta language.  After taking the language class in high school, I continued to study the language in college while I also worked with a master speaker.  My master speaker was Caroline Schommer from the Upper Sioux Community.   In addition, I have worked in immersion settings and have had immersion training.  I cherish my language and culture.  I am a lifelong learner of my language and am happy to teach it, learn it, and pass it on to the next generation.  Phidámaya ye (Thank you).   

-Katie Bendickson