Degrees and Certifications:

M.S. Curriculum & Instruction, University of Wisconsin-Madison Secondary (5-12) ESL and ELA Certification B.A. Studio Arts, University of Minnesota

Ms. Julie Kesti

Ms. Kesti - 6th Grade ELA Workshop & Mythology​

Class Notes:

I update Schoology for each class period ("Updates") and you can find daily agendas with linked materials there, as well as past materials in the "Materials" section of each course's Schoology page.

Students can find paper copies of materials needed in the room in the file box labeled "THE BOX OF THE PAST." Students should know where it is or know a student who does. It is the student's responsibility to figure out what they missed for any absences, as part of their growing independence as learners in middle school. 

Students can also find most materials and useful resources in the "Materials" section of the materials course, including links to expand their work and research further.

Email me with any questions:



“Caring cannot be achieved by formula. It requires address and response; it requires different behaviors from situation to situation and person to person.” - Nel Noddings, The Challenge to Care in Schools

My goal as an English educator is to share and build with students:

- a love of reading and writing as tools for discovery and reflection

- spaces to explore and examine the world alone and together

- spaces to express their voices and identities

- spaces to listen to and learn from others

- multiple ways to practice literacy and develop their understandings of the world

In this sharing I seek to encourage students to see how these tools and experiences will aid them in their lives--as students today and as they continue to make their way through the adolescent and adult worlds.​

My aim as an educator is to provide students with opportunities to build skills for, as Paolo Freire described it, “reading the word and the world.” This includes developing an understanding of the importance of caring for each other and being cared for, as Noddings says above, as well as an understanding of the dynamics of power, people and resources that make the world around them.

While working towards these goals I continue to deepen my understanding of subject matter and pedagogy, as well as my self-awareness as an educator in a complex and layered world.

I am a teacher because I want to keep learning. I am a teacher because students have bright, fresh, curious perspectives that challenge me to constantly review and adjust my understanding of the world. It is a joy and a unique privilege to be entrusted to learn with people’s children each day.

As a teacher I learn from and collaborate with fellow educators, parents, students and community members, continuously engaging in a process of better understanding the dynamics that move our society, looking for innovative approaches to strengthening community. I work to provide a safe and welcoming space where students can explore, question, create and build confidence.