Staffing Grant Projects

  • Who Completes This Task: Grant Manager


    Timeframe: 21-62 business days




    Must meet any of the following:

    • An existing position has become vacant
      • Leave of absence
      • Resignation/retirement
      • Termination
    • A new position has been identified as necessary
      • Newly funded grant or project
      • Existing grant, project or department with newly identified needs

    Steps – New Position

    1. Contact Human Resources (HR) projects consultant to determine job title and pay range
    2. See Steps – All for next course of action

    Steps – Vacancy (replacement due to leave or resignation)

    1. Leave of absence or resignation received, or employee termination complete
    2. See Steps – All for next steps

    Steps – All Positions

    1. Create employee requisition
    2. Once accounting and HR approve requisition, the position will be posted
    3. HR prescreens and forwards approved applications to the hiring manager
    4. Hiring manager reviews applications and sets up interviews
    5. After interviews, reference checks are completed by HR
    6. Hiring manager selects candidate and informs HR
    7. HR contacts candidate with job offer
    8. Candidate meets with HR for paperwork, including a background check
    9. The employee may start work once the background check has cleared

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Last Modified on May 30, 2019