Recess in Cold Weather

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    Saint Paul Public Schools uses the National Weather Service (NWS) wind chill chart to determine whether recess will be held outside. Wind chill is the temperature it feels like on your skin when the wind is blowing. The stronger the wind, the colder it feels.

    Schools will keep students inside if the wind chill is expected to be colder than -10 degrees below zero. Regardless of the wind chill, students who do not have the appropriate winter clothing will not be able to participate in outdoor recess. Please review our clothing guidelines for cold weather.

    As you can see in the chart below, if the temperature is 10 degrees above zero with winds of 15 miles per hour, the wind chill would be -7 degrees. This would allow recess to continue outside safely. However, if the temperature is 0 degrees with a 5 mph wind, the wind chill would be -11 degrees, requiring recess to be held indoors. 

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