Saint Paul Public Schools Winter Weather Plan

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    Before deciding to close school due to extreme winter weather conditions, Saint Paul Public Schools Superintendent Joe Gothard consults with a variety of experts both inside and outside of the district. Our commitment is to keep families, staff and the community informed of weather-related school closings and cancellations.

    SPPS continually monitors the forecast from the National Weather Service in order to make the best decision for students, staff and families. Please note that delayed start times are not logistically possible in Saint Paul Public Schools.

    A winter weather closure means most staff and all students, regardless of learning model (In-Person, Distance Learning or Virtual Learning School), will stay home with no instruction happening if temperature, wind chill, snow, ice, hazardous roads or other inclement weather conditions meet the criteria for closing.

Criteria for Closures and Cancellations

    Saint Paul Public Schools will close all district buildings and will cancel schools and programs due to temperature, wind chill, snow, ice, hazardous roads or other inclement weather conditions.

    School will be canceled if the expected forecast for 6 a.m. the following morning shows:

    • Wind chill is below -35 degrees Fahrenheit OR
    • Air temperature is below -25 degrees Fahrenheit

    School will be canceled if heavy snow and/or icy conditions make it extremely hazardous or impossible for school buses to travel their routes and for employees to get to work safely:

    • Decision will be made by 5 a.m. the morning of a cancellation.

    Saint Paul Public Schools will cancel after-school activities due to weather conditions that are expected to worsen throughout the school day.

    • Afternoon Pre-K, afternoon Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) and the regular school day continues as usual.
    • The decision to cancel after-school activities will be made by 12 noon the day of cancellation.
    • All schools will dismiss at their regular time.