How to login to Schoology

  • We will be using Schoology for the majority of our Distance Learning. 

    How to login

    1. Tap on the Schoology App on your iPad.

    Schoology App

    2. Make sure when you open the App, that it says Saint Paul Public Schools for your school choice. If it does not, the type in Saint Paul Public Schools.


    3. Make sure when you are logging in that the background is WHITE!!!! Then make sure you have your S number which is your student number also known as your lunch pin number. This IS NOT your email address! Don't forget the "s".

    Username: s****** -- this is your student number aka your lunch pin

    Password: random letters and numbers



    4. Once you are in, click on Course and find the Course subject you need to complete your work. 

    If you can not log in to the Schoology App, you can use the link on this page or the link on the About the Teacher Page to login