Life Insurance Overview

  • Provider Information:

    The current life insurance carrier is Minnesota Life. The insurance broker that assists with questions relating to life insurance is Ochs Agency (651-665-3789). 

    Basic and Additional Life Insurance:

    Basic and additional life insurance coverage is provided by SPPS to benefit-eligible employees (working at least 20 hours per week) after 30 days from date of hire (or initial eligibility). For participants in the Cafeteria Plan, basic and additional life insurance is a core benefit. 

    Optional Life Insurance (including AD&D):

    Benefit eligible employees can apply for optional life insurance within 30 days of their eligibility/hire. A certain amount of optional life insurance is guaranteed for new hires and family members within 30 days of hire or with a qualifying status change (guaranteed issue) (if elected).

    After the initial 30-day window, life insurance can only be added (or coverage amounts increased) upon completion of a health questionnaire (Evidence of Insurability) and approval from the carrier at open enrollment or with a qualifying status change.

    With a qualified family status change elect the following without providing EOI: 

    • Employee optional term life and AD&D:  Increase existing coverage coverage by one increment as long as the new total does not exceed $150,000
    • Child term life:  All guaranteed (No EOI)
    • Employee AD&D:  All guaranteed (No EOI)
    • Spouse AD&D: All guaranteed (No EOI)

Employee and Spouse Optional Life

  • Age at Employment

    Guaranteed Issue Amount at  Time of Hire or with a Qualifying Status Change
    (If elected)

    Employees under age 59

    Up to $150,000

    Employees over age 59


    Spouse (any age)

    Up to $25,000

Employee and Spouse Optional Life Costs

  • Age of Employee or Spouse

    Monthly Cost per $1000 of coverage

    Under 25 







    40-44  $0.09
    45-49  $0.12
    50-54  $0.19
    55-59  $0.32
    60-64  $0.52
    65-69  $0.93
    70 and Over  $1.49

Dependent Life Insurance Costs

  • Child life insurance covers all your children from live birth to age 26

    $10,000 Coverage  $1.30 per month (flat rate)

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Cost (AD&D)

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Costs


    $.025 per $1,000

    Spouse $.030 per $1,000

    Employees can purchase Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage in increments of $5,000 up to a maximum of $200,000 for one's self, and up to 50% of the AD&D coverage selected (to a maximum of $100,000) on a spouse.  The dismemberment benefit provides coverage for loss of limb or eyesight at (1/2 the amount for the loss of one and full amount for the loss of two or more.)