American Indian Magnet - School Addition and Remodeling Project

  • Remodeling Project Scope

    A. Capital Improvement Key Points: 

    • Four‐Story General Learning Addition
    • Administration Office Addition
    • Event Center & Public Digital Commons Addition
    • Renovation of Existing Learning Spaces
    • Renovation of Restrooms
    • Cafeteria and Kitchen Addition
    • Communication & Security Cameras

    B. Asset Preservation Key Points:

    • Plumbing Replacement
    • HVAC and DDC Controls Replacement
    • Lighting Replacement
    • Doors and Hardware
    • Parking Lot Pavement
    • Playground
    • Building Automation System (BAS) Conversion
    • Stormwater Management and Remediation
    • Fire Suppression

    Timeline (Subject to change)

    May 2020: Construction begins with site work and demolition and on the addition and interior renovation

    August - September 2020: Playground Construction

    August 2021: Addition complete

    August 2024: Renovation complete



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