Staff Resources

  • SPPS has a gender inclusion policy LGBTQ+ Resources

    Links to help you gain understanding around LGBTQ+ topics and gender equity, refresh yourself with the Gender Inclusion infograph, dive into the full Gender Inclusion Policy, or learn ways to incorporate LGBTQ+ topics into your classroom.

  • Amaze Programs AMAZE Programs

    The Equity Department partners with elementary schools and AMAZE to further develop culturally-responsive classrooms by providing training, curricula, and assessments. AMAZE programs help adults and children work together to break silences about differences and discrimination in their schools and communities – and give them the tools and support to do it in a respectful, constructive, and effective way.

  • News and Events News

    Read about Equity news happening in and around SPPS.

  • PDExpress PDExpress

    Explore the different professional development opportunities we offer. Keywords: "Racial Equity" for racial equity and intersectionality topics, "Out for Equity" for gender equity and LGBTQ+ topics, or "CEC" and "Equity" for our events.