Amaze Programs


    The Equity Department has partnered with elementary schools and AMAZE to further develop culturally responsive classrooms in which every student can learn about themselves and their peers while engaged in curriculum connected to reading and writing standards. AMAZE’s mission is to champion safety and belonging for all children and families. The partnership does this by supporting the work of teachers and early childhood professionals with training, curricula and assessment. 

    AMAZE programs in SPPS foster the knowledge, values and skills that adults and the next generation need in order to support and respect each other across differences of race, class, culture, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion/faith, and physical ability. Families All Matter and Classroom Dynamics help adults and children work together to break silences about difference and discrimination in their schools and communities – and give them the tools and support to do it in a respectful, constructive and effective way. 

    For more information about AMAZE or how to become a participating school, please contact Out for Equity by email or phone at 651-603-4972.

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