Class Information

  • Writers Workshop

    This year we will work on developing the following skills and writing habbits...

    • Can write opinionionative, informational, narratives & poetry 

    • Uses the writing process (plan, draft, revise, edit, polish)

    • Uses conventional grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling 

    Readers Workshop:

    This year, we will improve our reading skills by...

    • Doing research to answers questions

    • Presents knowledge & demonstrates media literacy

    • Understand print concepts, applies phonics & word skills

    • Determines word meanings, learns and uses academic language

    • Collaborates in discussions; asks and answers questions for understanding

    • identifing key ideas and details

    • Understand literary language and text organization


    Over the course of this school year, we will learn about...

    • Scientific Inquiry and Nature of Science

    • Nature of Engineering and Design

    • Physical Science

    • Earth Science

    • Life Science

    Social Studies :

    Over the course of the school year, we will learn how to...

    • Understanding rules, constitutions and voting

    • Understanding saving, spending choices, resources and money

    • Understanding calendars, timelines, change over time, Dakota and

    • Anishinaabe

    • Understanding how to sketch maps, use map features, use formats to learn

    • geography 

    • Understanding saving, spending choices, resources and money

     Everyday Math:

    This year, we will be learning about the following math subjects...

    • Addition

    • Subtractionn 

    • Numbers and Operations

    • Geometry and Mesurment