Classroom Celebrations

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    Most classroom celebrations, like a birthday or a holiday, tend to include treats like candy, cupcakes or pizza. Here are some tips to shift the emphasis from food and celebrate in healthier ways!  

    • Emphasize the fun activities you will do. Pick a theme for your celebration and schedule the party after lunch, when the students won’t be as hungry​
    • Reserve the SPPS blender bike. Students love the idea of making smoothies through Pedal Power!
    • Limit parties to once a month and celebrate all that month's birthdays at once. Check out the classroom party ideas below for healthier snacks!
    • ​Make the birthday child or children feel special by making a sign, sash, or crown. Make the birthday child feel special by putting them in charge of certain tasks.
    • ​Have the birthday child choose a fun game to play, like Simon says, or have a freeze dance or dance party. You can also let them choose a book to read aloud. Or plan a special activity, like craft time, at the end of the day!

    It's also important to get student buy-in and feedback. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has developed a sample survey template for students to weigh in on what they'd like to do for classroom celebrations. Use this to steer classroom discussion for what makes a satisfying celebration.