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    Components of SEL

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    The Indian Education School Counselor will be employing SEL through the Walking in Balance weekly after-school meetings or distance learning during the 2020-2021 school year.  The curriculum will focus on the SEL components in a cultural manner AND utilize American Indian community partners.  


    Also available is a small counseling group, The Good Path, which will rotate every four years to Como, Central, Highland, Humboldt, Johnson, and Washington.  Students will learn about the Ojibwe values philosophy of thinking, being, and living and/or the Grandfather Teachings to develop SEL skillsets.


    Additionally, students can access Kerrie, the Indian Education School Counselor, for individual short-term counseling sessions.  At times students may want to discuss personal issues that are impacting their worlds.  Counseling sessions are confidential, and cultural strategies are implemented to assist students to process through difficult situations.  Kerrie collaborates with the American Indian Family Center's (AIFC) Healing Generations for therapy referrals. 



    • Students: to schedule a counseling session, please click and select the option for your school site (when Kerrie can visit). 
    • Parents and Families: please contact Kerrie directly for a consultation at 651-744-3388 or