Retirees Turning Age 65

  • About 2-1/2 months prior to the month you or a covered spouse turn 65, a packet will be mailed to your home with information about moving to the District's Medicare supplement plan, HealthPartners  Retiree National Choice or Journey. This packet will include information about the plan and its cost. This plan is for retirees and spouses age 65 and over and requires Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Medicare Part B (medical insurance). Please call HealthPartners at 952-883-7979 to verify the doctors, clinics, and hospitals available to you with this plan.

    Please note: You should not purchase Part D of Medicare on your own. HealthPartners will automatically sign you up for Part D when you enroll in the Retiree National Choice or Journey Plan. If you enroll in Part D through another source, you may jeopardize your coverage under Saint Paul Public Schools.

    If you do not have sufficient Social Security quarters to qualify for Medicare Part A, you will still be able to continue your health coverage under the group plan. However, you are still required to enroll in Medicare Part B as any carrier changes you might make in the future could require Medicare Part B coverage. Your spouse will also have to be enrolled in Medicare Part B. The plan available for retirees and spouses over 65 who are not eligible for Medicare Part A is the National One plan.

    You can apply for Medicare part A and part B by visiting your local Social Security Office or online with the Social Security Administration.