This 5th Grade Life Season 4
  • Episode 1: Masked Man

    by Meara Length: 8:40

    Meara tells us about the time she went on a Girl Scout trip and a stranger did something he should not have done. Originally submitted as part of NPR's 2019 Student Podcast Challenge.

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  • Episode 2: Rude Friend

    by Rhoda Length: 3:44

    Rhoda tells us of her grandmother's experience in high school with a Sadie Hawkins Dance and a practical joke. This episode was an honorable mention in NPR's 2019 Student Podcast Challenge. 

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  • Episode 3: 7 Pigs

    by Elsa Length: 8:53

    Lots of peple have pets. A few even keep a pig in the house from time to time. But seven of them? In the city? That's a rare occurance. Elsa tells us all about it. This episode was submitted to NPR's 2019 Student Podcast Challenge. 

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  • Episode 4: Preemie Problems

    by Matilda Length: 7:44

    Matilda's sister was a preemie, and Matilda tells us the story of how it happened and what the impact on the family was. Originally submitted as part of NPR's Student Podcast Challenge. 

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  • Episode 5: The Great Escape

    by Luke Length: 4:24

    When Luke was little his parents gave him a leopard gecko for a pet. This is the story of getting the gecko and what happened the first night they had it home. This episode was an honorable mention in NPR's 2019 Student Podcast Challenge. 

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  • Episode 6: Puppy Trouble

    by Bella Length: 1:52

    Bella tells us about the time her grandfather took her aunt's dog out on the pontoon boat, and the disaster that followed. 

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  • Episode 7: Snake? EEEK!

    by Stuart Length: 3:21

    Stuart's grandpa doesn't like snakes. At all. So what happens when they are in the basement one night watching TV and the rocking horse starts rocking all by itself? Listen to find out.

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  • Episode 8: The Alaskan Catastrophe

    by Kieran Length: 3:13

    When he was younger, Kieran's dad went on a ten day camping trip in the Alaskan wilderness. They thought their food supplies would fly in on day two. They didn't.

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  • Episode 9: The Boat Crash

    by Jack Length: 5:58

    Boating is a popular activity in Minnesota. This is the story of what happened when Jack's older sister took the wheel of the family boat. 

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  • Episode 10: Encounter!

    by Ayub Length: 6:09

    Another snake story, this time from Somalia. Ayub's cousin was out watching the herd when he stepped on something he wasn't expecting. 

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  • Episode 11: When My Family Moved to America

    by Michael Length: 2:57

    Michael was very little when his family moved here from Ethiopia. It was hard to adjust to a new life and a new way of doing things. This is that story.

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  • Episode 12: Going on a Plane

    by Macey Length: 2:35

    When Macey's mom was little, she and her sister went on a plane ride to Maine all by themselves. It was a brave thing to do and very exciting! Macey tells us all about it.

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  • Episode 13: Gizmo

    by Oliver Length: 3:18

    Oliver's family very much wanted a dog. This is the story of the choice and how Gizmo became a member of their family.

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  • Episode 14: The Sails of Surival

    by Dylan Length: 2:08

    When Dylan's dad (and Mr. Buetow's old roomate) was young he went with his cousins on a sailboat to go see some fireworks. Things did not go as planned. 

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  • Episode 15: Motorcycle Disaster

    by Aliya Length: 1:30

    Aliya'sdad once had a moped as a teenager. When he stored it in the basement to get it out of the rain something very bad happened. 

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  • Episode 16: An Unforgettable Immigration Experience

    by Ben Length: 4:11

    Ben's dad is Hmong, but came to the US in a very different way than most Hmong families. Once in the US, there was a mixup in his immigration status and things took a turn for the worse. 

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  • Episode 17: New Tools

    by Riley Length: 4:19

    Riley's grandpa was in the navy. He worked on an old submarine and was given tools that were not ery good. He needed new tools and knew just how to get them.

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  • Episode 18: Pain

    by Abdullahi Length: 1:44

    When Abdullahi's mom was young and lived in Somalia, she had an unfortunate experience with a worm. This is the story.

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  • Episode 19: Back in My Day

    by Robbie Length: 3:20

    Robbie tells the story of his grandmother growing up with nine siblings in a two bedroom house in rural Kentucky. Suffice it to say, it was crowded. 

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  • Episode 20: FSF1 Sea Fighter

    by Rose Length: 2:56

    Rose's dad helped with the building of the Coast Guard's FSF1 Sea Fighter. This story is about what that entailed. 

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  • Episode 21: Stuck

    by Annabelle Length: 4:22

    Annabelle's dad once went on a trip to Portugal. When there, he and some friends climbed a mountain to see an ancient Moorish Castle. This is the story of what happened on that journey.

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  • Episode 22: Moving From Poland

    by Porter Length: 2:52

    Porter's stepdad immigrated from Poland as a child. It was a challenging transition. Porter tells us the story. 

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  • Episode 23: Standing Rock

    by Elijah Length: 10:48

    Elijah's mom is a minister who went to Standing Rock to protest the pipeline there. Elijah tells us the story of her trip and her experiences there. 

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  • Episode 24: True Love

    by Kaitlyn Length: 2:55

    Kaitlyn tells us the story of how her parents met and fell in love. 

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  • Episode 25: My Dad Rides a Bike

    by Franklin Length: 2:07

    When Franklins dad was growing up in China, he learned to ride a bike, with only one small accident. Franklin tells us all about it here. 

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