Office of Family Engagement and Community Partnerships (OFECP)

  • In Saint Paul Public Schools, we recognize that our mission to provide a premier education for all depends on broad-based support – from students, families, staff, partner organizations and community members. The Office of Family Engagement & Community Partnerships works to build this support. OFECP's work is in the following program areas:

    • Family Engagement, Ombudsperson, and Parent Information and Outreach
    • Multilingual and Community Parent Advisory Councils (PACs)
    • Community Partnerships
    • Parent Academy (PA) and Children's Learning Academy (CLA)
  • About the Strategic Plan


    Learn more about the SPPS Office of Family Engagement and Community Partnerships.

  • Advisory Councils

    Advisory Councils 

    Saint Paul Public Schools works with Parent Advisory Councils, or PACs for families and community members to advise district staff. 

  • Parent Academy

    Parent Academy 

    SPPS' Parent Academy Program provides families with the necessary tools to support the success of their child's education.

  • Family Liaisons

    Family Liaisons 

    Many schools have "family liaisons" -- sometimes called parent coordinators, cultural specialists, or project coordinators -- dedicated to working with families.

  • Advisory Councils


    Saint Paul Public Schools works in partnership with many different organizations. We work to make these partnerships mutually beneficial relationships with the primary goal of improving student success.

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  • Calendar

    Office of Family Engagement and Community Partnerships
    Dana Abrams, Director
    Main Phone: 651-767-8394
    Fax: 651-221-1488


  • Ombudsperson

    The SPPS Ombudsperson listens to and investigates complaints against Saint Paul Public Schools, its programs, offices and staff.

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