Ecolab Teacher Grants Program Application Review

Purpose of Application Review

  • Grant applications are individually read and scored by impartial reviewers. Reviewers are volunteers who come from both the SPPS community (staff, teachers, families) and Ecolab. This ensures that programs selected for funding are the ones that appeal to those most invested in their success.  Applications with the highest aggregate average receive funding.


    • Can be anyone in the SPPS community interested in participating
    • May dictate their time commitment 
    • Need to be able to follow directions and work independently
    • Must commit to meeting the deadline
    • Do not need to have prior grant application or review experience
    • Do not need to be experts in the kinds of programs proposed 

    Elements to prevent bias:

    • Applications have school and applicant identity redacted
    • Grants staff provide orientation, guidance and a rubric with anchors or characteristics to ensure standardization of scores
    • Reviewers who are also applicants will not review their direct competition (eg: an individual applicant may review team applications)
    • Reviewers are encouraged to recuse themselves from individual applications if they can identify the school or applicant
    • Each application receives a minimum of three reviews
    • Grants staff follow up on scores that deviate significantly from other reviewers' scores for the same application

    If you are interested in becoming part of our review team for the next cycle, please check out our interest form. This isn't confirmation of commitment; we will contact you to discuss availability as we approach the review stage of the timeline.

Reviewer Packets

  • Ecolab review packets can be downloaded as PDF from the links below. You only need to download your assigned packet. If you have any techincal difficulties, questions on the review process, or need to recuse yourself from the review of one or more of the projects in your packet, please contact Madeline Ramirez.

    Download Your Packet

    Packets will be available June 15.




  • Downloadable version also available.

    ETGP - 2020 Timeline 


    • Revise guidelines, application, and website for launch
    • Prepare announcements and planning materials for applicants
    • Schedule on-site workshops for Q & A and support of developing ideas
    • Post tips and tools to help develop ideas and application content


    • 1st - Application questions posted
    • 17th - Application window opens
    • 17th - Recruit review committee members (parents, teachers, students, community partners, Ecolab, BOE members, EAs/TAs, SPFT)


    • 1st - Application window closes at 11:59 PM
    • 1st-12th - Application Process Evaluation
    • Compile applications; discard ineligible applications
    • Confirm review committees and compile review packets
    • 15th - Distribute packets to reviewers for reading and scoring


    • Compile 2019-20 project year-end slides into a presentation for Ecolab
    • Distribute applications and packets to pinch-hitter review team as needed
    • 10th - all review scores due
    • 10th-24 - Review Process Evaluation
    • 13th-17th - Rank and determine awards
    • 20th - Prepare reports and statistics
    • 17th-31st - Budget code requests submitted to accounting


    •  3rd - Notify Awardees
    • 18th - Acknowledge Ecolab and Reviewers at BOE Meeting, present stats
    • Notify Awardees with budget code


    • Publish 2020 award profile packet and distribute to reviewers, SPPS and Ecolab
    • Monitor spending (through May 2021)


    • Check in with Ecolab regarding 2021 funding (approved at at their January board meeting)

    May 2021

    • Year-End Celebration with recipients and stakeholders
Last Modified on April 16, 2020