• Projects & Links
    Nursery Rhymes - Use to help with 2nd grade scavenger hunt.
    Using the Internet:
    Mouse Skills
         Mouse Practice  Activities that requires mouse skills.  Good practice for PreK-2 students.
         Dragon Drop  Computer mouse activity.

    Academic Activities (Math, Language Arts, etc)
    STARFALL  Use this interactive site to reinforce anything from alphabets to beginning reading. Pick the correct grade level.
    Arcademic-Math Race  Play multi-player and single-player games that foster basic Math and Language Art skills!  Choose your grade level.

          •Jumping Chicks-Help the chicks count the leaves to see who wins! 

          •Puppy Hop-Listen & help the puppies hop to the correct alphabet. 

          •Kangaroo Hop-Help these kangaroos hop on the correct shapes!

          •Koala Carts -Race against a friend and count the number of circles you see.  Num 1-10.

    Keyboarding Activities
    Online Coloring Pages - Practice coloring online.  Select your choice of pictures from roomrecess.com 
    Typing Attacks - Shoot the enemy by typing the words or letters you see.  Start with easy level.
    Keybricks -Challenge your typing skills with the Homeroy keys!
    Keybricks (Numbers) -Challenge your typing skills with numbers 0-9.
    Key Memory Game -Try to remember which letters you typed to find the matching pictures.
    Challenging, Coding, Thinking Activities
    PBS DINOSAUR TRAIN -Pick a dinosaur activity to try.
    WORD SEARCH -Use your mouse to click & find all of the words
    Scratch Jr - Coding for kids ages 5-7 years old.
    Scratch - Program interactive stories, games and animations.
    Flappy Game (Bentley) -Play this Flappy game by 4th grade student.
    Randy           Riduan           EiMoe          Ruben          Ricky          Deacon          Patience
    Fifth Grade Flappy Bird Game
    Hanan         Pajkou