Welcome to the Office of Multilingual Learning

  • The Office of Multilingual Learning (MLL) in Saint Paul Public Schools strive to create an equitable learning environment in order to ensure English Learners (ELs) are able to reach their highest potential. The district views ELs as emergent bilingual students who bring a wealth of knowledge to our schools. We value the linguistic and cultural capital that students and their families bring to the school community.

    The Office of Multilingual Learning oversees programming and services for ELs as well as Dual Language Programs. We also provide English Language support in the Language Immersion Program.
    We promote a district-wide approach to programming for ELs through cross departmental collaboration. English Learners gain equal access to rigorous grade-level content standards and curriculum through the collaboration and co-teaching framework. English Language Development is an essential focus addressed by all educators.

MLL Updates