Art Adventure at Capitol Hill

Amazing Animals in Art

  • Art Adventure

    Art Adventure is a program of the Minneapolis Institute of Art that brings art, culture and history into the classroom.

    Students develop critical thinking skills through discussions of various works selected around a particular theme.  This year's theme is "Amazing Animals in Art."

    Volunteer Now!

  • Volunteer

    Art Adventure volunteers are needed to lead discussions in 1st- through 4th-grade classrooms. Volunteers typically present two art pieces from MIA's collection to at least two classrooms, including their own child's and others in the same grade. Sessions last about 30 minutes - and the students do almost all of the talking!

    Students discuss the artwork at school then see the pieces in person during fieldtrips to the museum. (Art Adventure volunteers are not required to participate in the fieldtrips.)

    2nd and 3rd grades participate in Art Adventure during the Fall. Grades 1 and 4 have Art Adventure during the Spring.