Ms. Letellier

Phone: (651) 744 - 5637


Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees * Education Specialist for Principal License * Master of Arts in Educational Leadership * Bachelors in Elementary and Middle School Ed Certifications: *Gifted, Creative and Talented *Math Education

Ms. Letellier

My name is Jennifer Letellier and I am one of the social studies teachers here at Capitol Hill. This is my first year at Capitol Hill and I am excited to join the community. I will be teaching 8th Grade World Geography and 6th Grade Minnesota History.

I live in Maplewood with my husband Rowan and son Julian. Our family includes our dogs Pathos and Watson. Julian plays baseball and therefore Rowan and I spend much of our summer watching Julian play. This summer Julian’s team traveled to Missouri to play in the Little League World Series Regional Finals. His team placed second, losing only to the team that won the Little League World Series.

One of my passions is geocaching. I love hunting for treasures and exploring new areas or discovering something new close to home.

Another passion of mine is learning. The majority of my formal education has been at the University of St. Thomas and Rhode Island College. I emphasized middle school education in math and social studies.  My learning led me work in gifted and talented education. Sadly, I have found that it is the goal of many classrooms is to have the students understand a standard, rather than grow. I want my students to be curious and not judgmental but independent thinkers. My classroom goal is for all to grow!

This year, I am eager to return to social studies after many years of teaching math.

  • Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

    -Albert Eistein