Horace Mann School Patrol

Start of the Year Info


    All new and returning patrols for the 2019-20 school year will meet with Mr. Castillo in the gym on Thursday, Aug. 29 at 2pm. All info for the year will be discussed then. Equipment will be passed out then. With the new start time and a new bussing option, there will be important information shared. This training is just for the patrols. 
    For patrols who live south of Ford Pkwy, please email Mr. Castillo to let him know if your patrol will still walk to school, or take the bus.

Start of the Year Meeting

  • Horace Mann has for many years improved the safety of traditional School Patrol crossings by forming unofficial walking lines. There are several lines available depending on where patrol members live. You may join these lines if you live near these streets. You do not need to register your child. You can show up at the approximate times listed below and introduce your child to the current patrol member or contact the patrol supervisor, Mark Castillo, for more details.


  • All equipment needs to be returned to school, for the summer. There are two options for this: 

    1. After patrols finish their routes on the last day of school, the patrol member can return to school and drop off the flag and vest in the flag bin on the 2200 or red floor.
    2. School patrol members may return their equipment to the Gym Office the day after school is out before 3pm.